Which Persian Cat is Best, Male or Female?

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If you love having a hairy friend around you, a Persian cat will give you the right company.


The round-face cat has a flowing coat a calm personality plus his adaptability to a new environment is unmatched.


The cat is not a jumper; he likes sitting on the lap or a chair, not to mention his undemanding personality if you understand all he needs.


Additionally, taking this cat to a predictable and serene environment will make his life easier, plus you can purchase a feathered toy for him.


It might be hard to decide which Persian cat to purchase, male or female. Stick on to learn more about both genders before finalizing your purchase plans.

Things You Need to Know About Persian Cats

1. Unique Cat Coat

One of the distinctive features of a Persian cat is its long and soft fur. To keep your cat glowing, practice active maintenance.


The cats require daily grooming, and as the owner, you need to remove every knot and debris on the fur.


Brushing a Persian cat can take up to an hour; the long hair forms knot very fast and can turn into painful mats to brush off.


You will find different cat brushes in your locality or online store. Ensure that you go for a brush that will pass through the long hair.


Consider trimming the fur around the cats’ bellies and legs to make them feel comfortable; a professional trim is better than doing it yourself.


Get a nail clipper to keep the nails in shape for standard grooming.

2. Personality

Persian cats are gentle, quiet, and sweet. However, the cat can be discriminating when it comes to giving attention.


The cats can offer great companionship to older people or quiet households with people who don’t need too much interaction with the pets.


Persians will feel okay with minimal playtime and will prefer spending their time sleeping on the couch or bed as they watch whats going on.

3. Face and Body

You can identify the Persian cats through their round bodies, smooth faces, big eyes, short noses, and small ears.


Breeders of this were aiming to produce a breed that has a baby face that will attract many people and has no complications.


However, their flat faces increase their breathing difficulties, making them less active, and you think they are too lazy.


A fold in the cat’s face leads to the secretion of lacrimal tears, which is a discharge between the nose and the eyes. The tears oxidize and give the eyes a dirty look.


The cat’s facial confirmation doesn’t protect your cats’ eyes fully as they can be injured, causing ulcers and incorrect tear drainage.


Having a shallow face affects their mealtime since you need to purchase shallow bowls since they have difficulties picking food from deep bowls.

Differences Between Male and Female Persian Cats

There are high chances that most Persian cats will have similar traits; however, there are some differences. Let’s check them out.

1. Spayed and Neutered Persian Cats

Neutered Persian cats are more friendly and affectionate than their unspayed cats. However, the fixed male and female Persian cats have similar traits.


If breeding is not a priority, consider spaying or neutering your cats; it will prevent them from undesirable traits and some diseases. It’s wise to fix the kittens once they turn eight weeks.

2. Female Persian Cats

Unspayed female Persian cats become anxious and loud when experiencing heat, and they are probably looking for a mating partner. If you leave your door open, they might rush to find their mates.


Additionally, during heat, you may notice some funny noises and smells from your cat, which is meant to attract their mates.


You may find a group of cats from your neighborhood gathered around your house, and if your unspayed cat decides to join them, don’t get surprised when you find them pregnant.


The female cats are smaller than their male fellows and become very affectionate when on heat.


The female Persian cat is more independent and can stand long hours alone, entertaining themselves all day.


The cats also display intense loyalty to their caregivers and owners, and they even act motherly to their owners by staying close if they are unwell.

3. Male Persian Cats

The unneutered Persian male cats have an aggressive personality: they fight whenever they feel threatened and injure other cats trying to invade their territories.


The cats will spray their territories with an unpleasant-smelling fluid to protect them from other cats.


Additionally, the unneutered cats have the strongest urge to bread, and it’s hard to keep them indoors when they want to mate. Keep your doors closed if you don’t want the cat to mate.

4. Multi-Cat Family

If you love having different cat breeds in your house,  you may wonder which gender combines well with other cats.


Your personality will play the most significant role when deciding on the gender; remember that you need to keep a peaceful household.


For unneutered or unspayed cats, the gender you adopt matters a lot. If there is an unspayed female, get another female.


Combining an unneutered male with another male could lead to a lot of fighting, and bringing an unspayed female can get the male impregnating her.


Persian cats are prone to diseases, mainly polycystic kidney disease, which leads to cysts forming around the kidney, which may cause renal failure.


Corneal cancer and Urolithiasis are other common diseases that most Persian cats experience.


Regular visits to your veterinarian will save your cat from long-term diseases, and an early diagnosis will help solve the problem earlier.

Conclusion: Which Persian Cat is Best, Male or Female?

When choosing a Persian cat for adoption, the gender shouldn’t worry you; the cats display similar personalities. Spaying and neutering your cat plays a significant role in determining the cats’ behaviors.


If you are not interested in breeding cats, a male cat will work perfectly for you, and it will help prevent overpopulation. Consider the type of relationship you intend to have with the fluffy friend, and if you spend more time at work, the female companion will work for you.

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Rebekah Moyer

Rebekah Moyer

My Perssy is like a child to me. I've had him for 3 years now and have gone through beautiful times and challenges alike.
So I thought I'd share what I learned with cat lovers like me. I hope you find it all illuminating :)

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My Perssy is like a child to me. I’ve had him for 3 years now and have gone through beautiful times and challenges alike.
So I thought I’d share what I learned with cat lovers like me. I hope you find it all illuminating :)

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