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Having a Persian cat in your household is a blessing since they are rare and have pretty unique behavior. This breed is more laid back and prefers curling up at their favorite spot in the house rather than chasing birds outdoors.

When picking a suitable type of food for Persian cats, you should ensure the food has the proper ratio of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. The food should also maintain the coats and eye colors giving them a healthy outlook.

The tricky part comes when looking for the type of brand food that will offer the required nutrients in a balanced manner. In the current market, getting a good branded food that will give your Persian cat the best nutrition-wise is a daunting task but do not stress yourself anymore.

The review below contains some of the best cat food with the required nutrients for your Persian cat. 

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Quick Glance: Best Cat Food

1. Best for an Active Lifestyle: Purina Fancy Feast Cat Food

If your cat is always active indoors, he will require a type of food with an immense amount of energy nutrients to keep him going. You will never go wrong with Purina cat food for energy requirements.

Its recipe features a tasty combination of turkey, chicken, and balanced nutrition that sorts all your cat’s nutritional requirements. The high protein level in the diet provides the correct amount of energy required to fuel your pal’s daily energy requirements.

The real turkey and chicken improve the taste of the meal. Your cat will surely fall in love with this meaty taste and will always crave meals every day.

2. Best for Reducing Urinary Tract Infections: Hill’s Science Cat Food

Are urinary infections becoming a bit too frequent? With Hill’s science cat food, you can reduce urinary tract infections by almost half.

Its diet is fully equipped with optimal minerals, nutrients, and high fiber levels. These nutrients help combat recurring urinary tract infections making your cat less susceptible to such a disease.

It also contains high-quality proteins that provide energy for your cat. Antioxidants in the diet also help strengthen the immune system for optimum protection against diseases.

To make this food tastier for your cat, wholesome ingredients like savory chicken is added to the diet. Such ingredients leave your cat mouth-watering by just the thought of mealtime.

3. Best for Supporting Digestion: Iams Proactive Dry Cat Food

Help your cat have an easy digestion time with the new Iams proactive cat food. The diet in this food is made up of prebiotics and natural fiber that support healthy digestion in the stomach.

As the first ingredient in this diet, Chicken helps add great taste to the meal. It gives the meal a meaty flavor which most cats usually desire as it is tasty.

The nutrients are also crafted with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These fatty acids help promote healthy skin and a shiny coat, respectively.

Lastly, the food is also processed into a crunchy kibble texture. The crunchy texture helps reduce plaque buildup in the teeth hence making teeth cleaner and more robust.

4. Best for Supporting Muscles: Wellness Complete Cat Food

Building solid muscles for your cat requires highly nutritious food protein-wise and if you want such food, look no further. Wellness complete cat food is crafted with chicken as the first ingredient, which contains proteins that are later oxidized to produce energy that supports muscles.

With every bite, your cat ingests omegas from flaxseeds that maintain healthy skin and coat. After some usage, your cat’s coat and skin will appear bright and attractive, making him more attractive.

This food also has antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These nutrients help support your cat’s immunity and overall health, making him more assertive and resistant to diseases.

5. Best for Strengthening Immunity: Royal Canin Persian Cat Food  

Support your cat’s immune system with the exclusive Royal Canin Persian cat food, and you will officially get to say goodbye to costly veterinarian visits. The diet of this food is primarily made up of essential antioxidants and vitamins. The antioxidants mainly help strengthen the immune system.

The diet also contains pure proteins and prebiotics. These nutrients provide energy and support the digestive system, respectively.

This food also has amino acids that encourage constant hair growth. Omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids help maintain healthy skin and coat. The fatty acids will boost the external appearance of the cat and will make his coat outstandingly attractive.

6. Best for Hydration: Blue Buffalo Cat Food

If your cat does not like taking water, you may be worried about him being dehydrated, but worry no more. With the Blue buffalo cat food, you can feed your cat without worrying about her not taking water if she does not prefer it.

This cat food has a high concentration of moisture. The main reason behind the concentrated moisture is to ensure your cat remains hydrated even without taking water.

The primary nutrients on this food are protein-rich chicken, salmon, and whitefish. These proteins are mainly oxidized to produce muscle maintenance and proper health energy.

If you have a picky feline with this kind of cat food, he will have no room and choice for resisting. This is because the flavors of this food are usually sweet enough to please even the pickiest feline. He cannot resist a bite.

Wrap Up

You are here because you are determined to give your canine buddy the best and we are also determined to give you the best. If you want your canine pal to get the best from the food you get him first, analyze what he requires nutrition-wise before rushing to choose any type of food. This step will help you sort your best friend’s needs while giving you good value for your money.

The food examples above are among the best types in the market category-wise. Choose one, and you will not be disappointed.

All the best in your purchase.

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Rebekah Moyer

My Perssy is like a child to me. I've had him for 3 years now and have gone through beautiful times and challenges alike.
So I thought I'd share what I learned with cat lovers like me. I hope you find it all illuminating :)

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My Perssy is like a child to me. I’ve had him for 3 years now and have gone through beautiful times and challenges alike.
So I thought I’d share what I learned with cat lovers like me. I hope you find it all illuminating :)

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