8 Best Protein Food for Cats (To Strengthen the Immune System)

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The best protein food for cats provides building blocks for the body tissues from the skin to hair and the muscles. Proteins break down to amino acids that regulate antibodies that build up the immune system and regulate the travel of nerve impulses.


Taurine-rich foods are the best for cats. They are different protein sources from animal products such as eggs, chicken, and muscle meat. Getting a package with less processed protein would be beneficial for better health.


Stick on as we check the best protein foods for your cat.


Quick Summary: Best Protein Food for Cats


# Product Best for 
Royal Canin Veterinary Hydrolyzed Food Hydrolyzed 
Purina One High Protein Cat Food Urinary health
Instinct Ultimate Protein Cat Food Kittens
Crave Protein Salmon Cat Food Budget 
Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Food Antioxidants 
American Journey Chicken Cat Food Adult cats
Orijen Six Fish Cat Food Fish kibble
Wellness Core Turkey and Duck Cat food Meal topper


Best Protein Food for Cats: Our Top 8 Picks


1. Best Hydrolyzed: Royal Canin Veterinary Hydrolyzed Food


This hydrolyzed dry food will provide a good source of protein for your adult cat with food sensitivity. It will reduce skin and GI reactions found in most pet foods.


It’s a palatable diet with hydrolyzed soy proteins with low molecular weight peptides for better absorption in the tract and low chances of triggering an immune reaction.


There are minimal amounts of amino acids and B vitamins that reinforce the cats’ skin barrier to fight irritation and sensitivity.


The Omega-3 fatty acids are good for a healthy coat, and the exclusive blend of fiber supports healthy digestion in your cat reducing digestive upsets such as diarrhea.


2. Best for Urinary Health: Purina One High Protein Cat Food


With Purina One, you will have the best high-protein food that caters to urinary needs using low magnesium levels. 


The food contains real chicken that blends well in every serving for stronger muscle development, plus your cat’s heart stays healthy. Four antioxidant sources are built on her immune system as she explores the world, and Omega 3 gives the cat a soft coat.


The additional calcium in the crunchy kibble will help your kitty develop strong teeth, plus the food has a texture that your cat will adore.


3. Best for Kittens: Instinct Ultimate Protein Cat Food


The wet canned cat food is loaded with high protein levels from real chicken. The grain-free recipe has raw chicken ultimate for natural nutrition.


It contains 95% proteins, and it’s balanced with wholesome foods, including fruits and vegetables as sources of vitamins.


The taurine amino acid from the protein helps your feline friend develop good vision, plus there are other essential minerals and trace nutrients that enhance good health.


The delicious pate texture will motivate your cat and give her excitement during mealtime.


4. Best Budget Friendly: Crave Protein Salmon Cat Food


Salmon is the first ingredient in this cat food. The high-protein salmon also contains ocean fish, and the brand uses wild cat inspiration in manufacturing the food.


With 40% proteins, the food contains protein-rich vegetables that aid digestion and other meat and vegetable meals for more nutrients.


Your cat will have a healthy body and great energy to run and play after feeding. If your cat has allergies, the grain-free food will be good for the cat.


The pates are well portioned for serving every meal, and this wet food will fulfill your cat’s desire for a meaty meal.


5. Best with Antioxidants: Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Food


If you need protein-rich dry food to feed your kittens, you should get this pack from Blue Buffalo. It is packed with real chicken that encourages your kitten to feed for stronger muscles.


It has taurine that boosts your cat’s cognitive health and eye development. The fatty acids DHA and ARA also help in healthy growth and development.


The LifeSource Bits that include a precise blend of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins give your kitten a healthy immune system.


No grains, wheat, corn, soy, or meat by-products exist. The food contains good stuff that turns your tiny friend into a mighty feline.


6. Best for Adult Cats: American Journey Chicken Cat Food


This high-quality cat food will give energy to your cat in her daily adventures. It is grain-free and doesn’t contain wheat, soy, or corn.


The formula has real deboned chicken as the first ingredient to satisfy the cat’s cravings plus the fatty acids give your cat a healthy and smooth coat.


The company has carefully selected ingredients that provide 40% of proteins, and the formula doesn’t contain poultry by-products or artificial preservatives.


Additionally, it has amino acids such as taurine that promote eye and heart health, not to mention the antioxidants that boost the immune system.


7. Best Fish Kibble: Orijen Six Fish Cat Food


This kibble is a whole package that will satisfy your cat’s carnivore feel. She will thrive with the proteins from animal ingredients.


It’s made from raw herring, Acadian redfish, whole hake, flounder, mackerel, and monkfish, which are great protein sources for healthy digestion, coat, and heart health.


The meal is made from the most succulent parts of the prey to add on nutritional density plus the WholePrey animal ingredients deliver 90% quality ingredients from animal bones and organs.


Your cat will love the flavor since the kibble is coated with freeze-dried liver, plus the company ensures all its raw ingredients are frozen to maintain freshness.


8. Best Meal Topper: Wellness Core Turkey and Duck Cat food


The 100% grain-free cat food uses turkey and duck as its top ingredient since they are excellent sources of proteins for healthy lean muscle development.


The canned food has a smooth texture and a delicious flavor that your cat won’t resist. You can use the kibble as a tasty meal topper or a meal on its own.


It has antioxidant-rich cranberries that help in developing healthy skin. Vitamins, EPA and DHA minerals, and amino acids such as taurine help your feline friend’s immunity and well-being.


The meal keeps your feline friend hydrated and free from urinary health issues with the healthy moisture from the real broth in the can.


Final Thoughts


Give your cat proper maintenance and healthy meals. Protein plays a big role in development. A well-balanced meal should contain essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and omegas for your cat’s development. Grain and wheat-free kibbles are the best to keep your cat from bloating and allergies.

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My Perssy is like a child to me. I've had him for 3 years now and have gone through beautiful times and challenges alike.
So I thought I'd share what I learned with cat lovers like me. I hope you find it all illuminating :)

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My Perssy is like a child to me. I’ve had him for 3 years now and have gone through beautiful times and challenges alike.
So I thought I’d share what I learned with cat lovers like me. I hope you find it all illuminating :)

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